Just an ordinary Wednesday

Wow! Two post two day in a row during the circumstances, that, that is awesome! ;) we had our hardest day of school today and during physics my calculator stopped working!!! That's worse than it sounds like so during the whole physics class and math I had to use my phone and that is really a pain in the butt!!!! So instead of just working during math class my friend Johanna and I convinced a guy in our class to draw us hugging each other and we succeed, almost! But hey, you must say the picture is pretty good!! ;) otherwise, French class was pretty hilarious but don't have a good explanation though why! Haha
So Katie, now you must be proud of me but I wouldn't have been able to accomplish this without the app blogg.se on my iPhone! 

Postat av: Eve

Man kan använda miniräknaren om det står så... bara tryck på clear ;)

2013-09-13 @ 21:11:42

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