Hi Again! 
This is still mostly for you Katie because otherwise it is probably just my friends who still (???) read this blog even though they know most what I am doing! Anyway, today we took school pictures but since we have every class with the same people we take class pictures in Sweden instead. Sort of like when you took class of 2013 picture in high school (Katie) but we are devided into like 15 programs. This year, the tallest kids sat down and the shortest people were standing behind Them and then the average tall people stood on a bench behind and I was in the midrow, standing behind like the tallest girl in my class....hehe ;) anyway, I got out of school at 11 today, nice!!!! And now I am supposed to study but I am tired so I might take a ten minutes nap in my books like I usually do! ;) here are some pics from the last couple of days. The pics where I am wearing pink were from today! ;) 

Yeah, we got a dish that was supposed to be chicken but they surprised us with putting lever in it too in school for lunch....well, wasn't that appreciated if we put it like that, and in biology the same day afterwards, we had a lever lab ... ;) 


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