å ä ö

Sitter I skolan och har off period. Går inte att gå in på twitter, facebook eller sånt och går inte heller att skriva å ä ö. Kilppa och klistra med GoogleTranslate gäller här. Tänkte skriva ett långt inlägg här men detta var mycket jobbigare än vad jag trodde.


Just wanted to say that I have got a cold so I couldn’t run yesterday. I actuallt felt pretty sick and my head was hurting but I actually felt better when I woke up this morning but I am not really good yet so I will probably not run today. I don’t want to run due to I might get worse then and it is a competition tomorrow. :/ Today we re aslo taking photos from XC and we will do that before practice so we won’t look like a mess. :) We also have a thing that is called secret sister here at XC, or well, the girls have a thing that is called that. All the girls in XC have got a person that they will buy a present to for $5 every week but you don’t know who your secret sister is. (that’s why it is called secret sister) hehe. We will have a team dinner after practice today. There are always team dinners arranged the day before a competition. We will get out of class at 11.45 tomorrow and 12.00 the bus takes off, so we better be on that bus then! I hope that I can come if I won't be able to compete but hopfully I will compete tomorrow! Just have to go to bed early tonight and get some rest and hopefully I will wake up and feel better tomorrow!


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